Customs Clearance sieber@customs
Customs Clearance sieber@customs

EU economic area: we open up the borders to you

Customs clearance at the European borders is an important factor for import and export with the EU. Thanks to our particularly suitable location close to borders with Germany, Austria, France and Italy, we have a great deal of experience and all of the expertise required for clearing goods through customs. We know all of the current customs models and can manage all of the formalities quickly and reliably. You can simply leave the customs clearance to our specialists, saving you both time and money.

With the customs models “authorised consignee”, “authorised consignor” and “public bonded warehouse”, we can carry out customs clearance in our own warehouses. This means that you don't have to bear through long waiting times at the border. The border with the EU is no longer an obstacle, but is instead transformed into a gateway for commercial exchange with other countries.

The various customs modules are explained below.

We work with the following four processes in particular:

1. NCTS – New Computerised Transit System in the EU and in the EFTA
2. e-dec – the electronic customs clearance system in Switzerland
3. e-zoll – the electronic customs clearance system in Austria with EU customs clearance
4. ATLAS – the electronic customs clearance system in Germany


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