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International sites
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Global network

With our sites throughout Switzerland and in Austria, we are always close by to meet your needs and requirements – no matter where you are.

We are of course also ideally positioned outside of Europe for your global business activities. In addition to our own office in the USA and Vietnam, we work with a great many selected network partners all over the world.

It is particularly important to us that our network partners comply with our standards – and therefore with your standards too. We specifically select only companies that operate in line with our philosophy. Our company values such as motivation, a sense of responsibility, reliability and commitment must also be inherent in all of our partner companies.

In this way, we can guarantee that the service you receive will always be of the high Sieber quality that you are used to. This holds true in any location in the world.

Our network includes dozens of companies worldwide, some of which we have been working with successfully for many years. These companies can be relied upon to fulfil your Needs.